EU in the UK Survey 2016

Since the June 23rd EU referendum, where 52% voted to leave the EU, the status of non-UK EU citizens (and EEA migrants) has emerged as a point of uncertainty. There are currently over 3 million (non-UK) EU citizens residing in the UK, while there are 1.2 million UK citizens residing elsewhere in the UK.

Theresa May, the leading candidate in the race to be Tory leader and the UK’s next prime minister, and the Home Office have deliberately failed to offer assurances that non-UK EU citizens currently in the UK would be able to remain in the UK, no matter what. Rather, May wants to use the right of non-UK EU citizens as leverage in negotiating the UK’s exit from the EU.

In this uncertain climate, and following a referendum that many non-UK EU citizens were unable to participate in, I will conduct a survey on the impact of the referendum on non-UK EU citizens. The survey focuses on attitudes to the UK and referendum result, and preferences for remaining in the UK and/or acquiring UK citizenship.

The survey is in its initial stages and can be completed via this link.